Inspirations: MAC Burgundy Times Nine Palette

DSC_0456 (2) copy

What inspires me as an individual is a brand new makeup palette. Looking at all the shades I can already imagine what I could and would create. As some of you know for my birthday I received a bunch of MAC products from family and friends, and today I want to share with you the amazing MAC Burgundy Times Nine Palette.

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Get the Look: Goldie Locks

Today, after multiplecover hours at attempting this, I decided it was time to do a full tutorial. So today I give you the look I can Goldie Locks. I really hope you enjoy because man did this take me a long long time to do! I also wanted to try my hand at Close Up pictures for this tutorial. All the products used in this tutorial are listed in the images below, but feel free to use products that you prefer!

Let me know if this formatting is something you find appealing and easy to follow. I am very open to feedback! So let us begin, step by step, with this every day more natural look.

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