Favorite Concealer: NYX HD Concealer

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For the longest time I was using cream concealer, and always hated how it smudged and ran hours later. Finally I decided to go on the hunt for a liquid concealer that can hide my massive dark circles and be affordable. The results, well NYX HD Concealer has been a blessing to my poor sorry under-eyes.

When I was on the hunt I looked at other drugstore brands, but found a lot of the formulas were cream based. I needed liquid without a doubt. After doing some online research I decided to pick up the NYX HD Concealer in shades 03 and 04. I wasn’t entirely sure what shade was going to work since it was early summer and I knew I was going to get a little tan. I picked up these bad boys at Ulta for $4.99 with a buy one get one half off sale going on. I see now that NYX products are becoming available at places like Target and CVS, but honestly if you’re going to buy then save yourself some money because Ulta almost always has a BOGO on their products.

The line carries 8 shades of the concealer and 3 shades in color correcting tones. Some people don’t like this concealer because it cakes under the eyes, but I have yet to have this problem. The applicator is a doe-footed wand that holds in my opinion the perfect amount of product. I found myself using both shades to hide my dark circles. First I went in with the lighter 03, then went in with the 04 to get the really dark points. I found this concealer to really hide any dark circles, and not to mention stay in place all day! I dab a few dots around my eyes and blend with a stippled brush, then set with some sort of powder. After that you are good to go for the day without having to worry about your eye makeup running or those fine lines getting filled in.

DSC_0469 (2)

Let me know if you have tried this product, or what product you use for the under-eye area!

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