Super Silky Legs: Tree Hut’s Shea Sugar Scrubs

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You know what is super frustrating? Shaving your legs and then feelings hours later that the hair is already growing back in and the silky smoothness is gone. It makes me feel that shaving has no point at all! But fear no further, I have a secret up my sleeve that will blow your mind and keep those legs ridiculously silky smooth.

Being that I am Italian and German I have pretty thick, dark brown, and aggressive leg hair. For me even shaving every day would leave my legs still prickly. It would drive me insane. No matter what shaving cream I used it was useless, I was just destined to have prickly legs forever. That is until I found Tree Hut’s Shea Sugar Scrub in Coconut Lime. I thought to myself that tons of people make sugar scrubs to exfoliate their legs BEFORE shaving, but why not try using it TO shave. Let me tell you it works like a charm. I can use this product and my legs will stay silky smooth for almost a week, which is impressive with my hair quality and growth.

Tree Hut makes multiple lines of scrubs, but this one in particular is from their Shea Sugar Scrub line which comes in 11 different scents. I bought mine at my local grocery store where they only carried Coconut Lime and Almond & Honey. The Almond scent was a bit too much like food to enjoy so I picked up the Coconut Lime scented scrub. The scent is more lime than coconut, and doesn’t smell like sun screen as some coconut scented products do. I really really love the smell and even after using you will smell of it for a little while, so it is a good thing it is a pleasant smell.

The consistency of this product is very grainy as it is a scrub. On the directions it says to rub in circular motions all over the body. When I apply this to the legs I use a generous amount and really rub in circular motions. From there I just shave like I normally would. Instead of washing this scrub off I just use it as my “shaving cream”. You do have to rinse off your razor a bit more but trust me, it leaves your legs so super silky. Another bonus of doing this is it SHARPENS your razor! Using scrubs to shave with keeps your razor from keeping dull. So it is perfect all around. After you are finished give your legs a good rinse and then enjoy the silky smoothness for days upon days! You can pick up this product from $5 to $10 depending on where you buy. Check your local grocery store as I find it is usually on sale there, but ULTA also carries some of the scents.

Good luck and enjoy those silky legs!

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