Fall Fashion Trends: All Brown Everything

brown copy

Since Fall is fast approaching I thought it was defiantly time to start covering the hottest fashion and beauty trends. Straight off the runway from Rochas, to Anthony Vaccarello, to Marc Jacobs and more all brown everything was a hot theme. This look is perfect for the Fall since brown matches the tones in which the trees will be turning, plus it matches the makeup trend of ultra smokey eyes. But who can afford such designers? I know I can’t, so let’s go to the next best thing, cheaper versions! That way no matter what your budget you too can fit the hottest new trends.

For this trend I decided to hit up Forever 21 since I know many of their basics are extremely cheap and statement pieces aren’t horrible either. For an everyday look I went with a simple romper paired with leggings for those in a colder climate, matched with high riding boots. To add a little extra to the look I went with the classic moto jacket in a delicious camel color. Finally to finish the look I added a dainty gold necklace and gold/black bracelet. This entire look cost $112.20! But the best part is that you don’t even need the boots or jacket if the climate is still warm by you. Finish off the look with a pair of brown heels and skip the leggings, and for a night out add back the jacket. Either way you could get a million different outfits out of this look and still stay on trend.

brown forever copy

The all brown everything trend works for everyone regardless of skin tone. The darker skin tones can opt for a more light brown look instead of having the ultra dark pieces. Or if you have a very light skin tone try a more neutral shade of brown. No matter what you can pull of this look!

Good luck shopping and let me know what you find out there!

As always,


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