Beauty on a Budget: Wet n Wild Coverall Line

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Looking for a buildable full coverage foundation? Also low on cash? Well look no further! Today I am going to be giving you the full rundown on the Coverall Line from Wet n Wild.

The Coverall Line from Wet n Wild includes a primer base, liquid foundation, cream stick concealer, and pressed powder. The products I will be reviewing include the primer and foundation, mainly because the concealer and powder would be a skip in my book. To start things off the primer which is the hardest to find will set you back $5. I usually can only find the primer at Walmart and that is if they even have it in stock. The foundation which comes in 7 shades will set you back only $4! The shades that work best for my skin ton are a mix of 815 Fair and 816 Fair/Light.

When looking at the swatches of foundation off of the Wet n Wild website it comes off looking very very light compared to the actual product in store. The best way to really find your match is to physically go to the store and look at the products themselves. For those who have very fair skin I do not think any shade in this line will be appropriate for you. BUT, if you have a medium/dark skin tone then I really think this is a must have. I have a light olive skin tone and mixing the two seems to match my face pretty well.

DSC_0462 (2) copy

When it comes to application I start with the primer, which dries to a flat/no color or gloss finish. I have found that drugstore brand primers sometimes have sparkle or dry with a little dewiness to them. This primer does not, which is something I like. I apply this with clean fingers all over my face. I apply the foundation with a stippled brush after mixing equal parts to the back of my hand. This is a full coverage foundation but can be applied lighter if need be. For a complete full coverage look you will most likely need two applications, or more added to those trouble spots. The foundation blends very smooth into the skin and dries to a normal/slightly shiny finish. Below is a picture freshly applied with just one coat + the primer as a base. As you can see I would need to go in again under the eyes, or go in with some sort of concealer. Also along my chin some blemishes are peaking through, but overall the skin tone is even and pores look smaller.

DSC_0510 (2)

With both the primer and foundation applied set with some sort of powder this look will last all day. In more humid temperatures I do find the trouble spots around my chin and nose will start to break down but other than that this really stays put. And even though this is a full coverage foundation it doesn’t break me out after. My skin is rather sensitive so I was surprised when this hardcore foundation didn’t leave a spot behind after a full day of wear. Now I have to warn you, a primer is really a must for me personally. I had originally bought just the foundation and noticed that my chin would look horrible within an hour of wear. When adding in the primer this problem went away. I might also add that those with rather dry skin should ALWAYS moisturize before applying this foundation. I found that with a moisturized face this product holds up way way way better and doesn’t seep into any find lines. Also set this foundation! If you don’t set it then you will most likely look very dewy (which is something I do not like) and might loose some coverage throughout the day.

The reason I would skip the concealer and powder in this line is because there are just better products out there. The concealer is one of the worst products I have ever used. It looks cakey and doesn’t conceal very well, plus will slip and slide all over your face. The powder is just a cheap powder that doesn’t really set this product well. So save your money and just stick with the primer and foundation.

Overall I love these two products as a foundation and really feel that these could replace a lot of the high end brands. So if you are on a tight budget check out the Wet n Wild Coverall Primer and Foundation. You won’t regret it!

Let me know if you have tried these products! I always am interested in others opinion of the product.

As always,


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