Late Summer Nail Polish Roundup


Although it is late summer here in the States, we still have a full month left of the real heat! So why not share my top summer nail polishes that are super affordable and available in a variety of drugstore or high-end shades if my picks are no longer available.

The shades:

Egg yolk Orange – This shade flatters all skin tones and really draws attention to your nails. The bright orange is such a summer shade and can be easily pulled off. My polish is by wet n wild in their Wild Shine line in 405. The Wild Shine line ranges from 95c to $1.05 depending on where you buy it and is super rich when applied. No streaks and a one coat needed application. This is also my favorite line of nail polishes since they last a crazy long time on your nails even when working really hard day in and day out.

Any shade of White – Why white you ask? Well because it looks chic and with a variety of variants out there for shades anyone can pull this look off. The polish I have is Rimmel’s 60 Seconds polish in 703 White Hot Love. This particular shade is off white so it flatters my olive skin tone. This line ranges from 98c to $1.20 depending on where you buy. Because white is a tough shade for your nails usually you will need multiple coats. For this brand I find that 3 coats usually does it. The lasting power is also there for such a cheap nail polish.

Super Silver – A metallic silver color is ultra hot for summer because it adds that crazy class to your nails. Because it is light but shiny it draws attention to your nails and really works well as a day or night nail. The polish I have is by Sparitual in the shade Silver Shimmer. You can find this brand online, and my mini bottle costs $5 on its own but can be bought as a variety pack. That way you get more bang for your buck. With this shade I apply two coats to get that beautiful sheen at the end. If you want a cheaper version try getting a drugstore top coat with a straight silver base. This way you can have that metallic silver color with that pop of sparkle just like the Sparitual shade.

Pretty in Peach – Peach nails are pretty easy to pull off if you are looking for a toned down alternative to a red or pink nail. In the summer this shade looks mild but beautiful enough for you to draw attention to those perfect nails. The shade I have is part of the discontinued Sephora OPI line, but you can find peach shades in both high-end and drugstore brands. For a cheaper alternative try the Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry in the shade 405 Peach which retails for $2.50.

Light Green – This is one of my favorite shades to pull off for the summer. A light green flatters every skin tone and depending on how deep you are tone wise this color will really pop. Green might be out there for some of you but give it a try and you will see how lovely a color it really is on the nails. Again I own a discontinued Sephora OPI shade, but try the wet n wild shade in Do Not Pass. You can find this for 99c most places.

Red Hot Red – Who doesn’t love a hot red color to brighten up their summer? I would say that most every line carries a hot red color. On the nails it really screams summer with the ultra hot undertones. My polish has been discontinued but again most drugstore and high-end lines carry a hot red color.

Bright Navy – While a slightly darker blue doesn’t scream summer, I find that this shade is really great for a night out. A bright navy color will really compliment a dark skin tone and give a massive pop to light skin tones. The shade I own is from L’Oreal in the color 540 Jet Set to Paris. This line retails from $3 to $5 depending on where you pick it up. I only have to apply one coat in this shade and find it has a relatively long wear power.

So that is my Summer round up on nail polishes. Let me know what your favorite color is for the hot season!

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