Save or Splurge: MAC Matchmaster Foundation and Pro Longwear Powder

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For my recently passed birthday I received some MAC products from friends and family, and with that came these two products. I have to be honest, I originally had their newest foundation and a mineral finish powder but both broke out my skin so I swapped a day later for these products. Now that I’ve had these products for a couple weeks now I can really give you guys a full review. So lets get down to business, should you go and splurge on the MAC Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation and Pro Longwear Powder? Maybe…

Matchmaster SPF15 Foundation in 1.5: The formula for this product is liquidy but not so much that it’ll run off your hand. This product comes in a glass container with a pump top for hygiene purposes. For myself two pumps of this product on the back of my hand covers my entire face, so this product will last me an incredibly long time. This foundation has the ability to be layered for more coverage, but starts out as light coverage. I usually use a stippled brush to blend this in. I love the fact that this product blends very easily into the skin and really gives you a flawless look. This particular shade has the effect of not wearing any foundation at all which is perfect! On my face it feels weightless, as if I am not wearing anything. Once dried the product stays in place fairly well. In more humid climates I would suggest setting it so you don’t get all oily. This foundation will stay in place all day if set with powder. One major thing I appreciate with this product is the fact it contains SPF. I had found that high end foundations may or may not contain any SPF, but having SPF will protect your face and help you from aging faster. You can pick this up at MAC for $36. And honestly if I had to purchase this again I completely would!


Pro Longwear Powder in Medium: Apparently this product can be used by itself or on top of foundation to set it. This sets slightly matte and holds pretty well throughout the day. I honestly am not a fan of this pressed powder because I find that it cakes and turns more velvety than matte after a few hours of wear. Throughout the day my T-zone gets a bit oily so I would reapply powder to hide the shine. This product is without a doubt the wrong product to go to. The texture starts silky but when reapplied cakes pretty harshly. I tried this product to set my foundation under my eyes and it literally did nothing. Within 30 minutes my mascara had smeared and the foundation soaked into my fine lines. This product comes with pad to apply directly to the face but find it picks up hardly any product and makes the cakiness worse. At MAC this retails for $26, but I would honestly say save your money. On top of the Matchmaster foundation this does about nothing and alone it isn’t even worth applying. There is no coverage and the setting ability is low. Instead of this product I usually set my MAC foundation with my new NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder. Below is a picture of both products applied about an hour later.

IMG_3031 (2)

So my overall opinion is splurge for the MAC Matchmaster SPF15 Foundation and skip the Pro Longwear Powder. As you can see the foundation has a light coverage but can be layered to cover trickier spots. With this foundation you might need a concealer for your undereye area since it has a hard time covering dark circles. It lasts throughout the day if set and really blends easily into the skin. The pressed powder hardly sets the foundation and has no coverage on the skin, plus gets cakey if reapplied.

I hope you found this review helpful!

As always,


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