Full Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

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As part of my mini ULTA haul I had purchased one of NYX’s matte lip creams mainly out of curiosity. I knew of the Copenhagen shade that always blows up the internet in the Fall/Winter. So because of this, and the fact it was buy one NYX product get the other 50% off, I just had to try out a new shade. The shade I purchased is in the color San Paulo which is a bright fuchsia color. Without any special deals this product retails for $5.99.

As the name suggests it is a soft matte lip cream that goes on a bit glossy and dries to a matte shade. The applicator is a doe foot wand that holds a fair amount of product. As you apply it be careful with your edges, if this gets outside of your lip line and you try to wipe it away, well your entire face will end up being covered in this stuff. Once applied I usually let it dry for two minutes before doing any other makeup or concealing around the edges.
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After the product has completely dried don’t be fooled, this is no long wear product. Yes, most of the product dries, but it will leave a print if you touch your lips to anything. Kissing, eating, drinking, all of these will have some residue left behind and this product is quite tough to remove without makeup remover. The plus side is that there really isn’t a need to reapply since it will look as though nothing has left your lips. The matte finish will fade a bit, just leaving the color behind, but is still very flattering. If you need to reapply make sure you let it dry. Overall I do find this product very drying on the lips. Before application I apply a light layer of lip balm to condition the lips. Throughout the day the moisture does seem to be sucked out a bit, but a quick dab of lip balm gently on top of your lips should do the trick. And as you can see from the picture, this does sadly fall into any chapped crevices. My lips are always chapped so I am not surprised at all. From a far it doesn’t look bad at all. Also this shot was taken without lip balm applied before, and again this is exactly why I recommend applying lip balm before application.
DSC_0475 (2)

Overall I would buy this product again, and of course will be trying out more shades that are more Fall/Winter appropriate. Let me know if you own this shade or any other shades. I would love to hear what you think of this product!

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