Get the Look: Goldie Locks

Today, after multiplecover hours at attempting this, I decided it was time to do a full tutorial. So today I give you the look I can Goldie Locks. I really hope you enjoy because man did this take me a long long time to do! I also wanted to try my hand at Close Up pictures for this tutorial. All the products used in this tutorial are listed in the images below, but feel free to use products that you prefer!

Let me know if this formatting is something you find appealing and easy to follow. I am very open to feedback! So let us begin, step by step, with this every day more natural look.



Step 1: Apply an eyeshadow primer and apply a white base

Step 2: For today’s look I used the In the Buff palette from Urban Decay. Start by applying the lightest color in the inner corners of your eye using a typical eyeshadow brush. Next take the 2nd to the left color and apply that in the center of the lid, bringing it up towards your eyebrows using the same type of brush.

Step 3: Follow this with the gold color on the outer corners using a blending brush.

Step 4: Taking the dark brown color and a hard blending brush apply the color in the outer V of the eye, making sure you drag it up and in towards the center of the eye.

Step 5: Take a clean blending brush and really start blending the harsh corners of the dark brown eyeshadow. Once that is blended nicely go back with the lightest shade and blend right below the eyebrow.

Step 6: Line the eye with a black gel liner, which I made in to a mini cat eye then complete with mascara

eyes copy

Finishing Touches

Step 1: Start by apply a deep bronze color to the cheekbones. I good way to find this is go to your hairline by your ear. Feel for where your cheek ends and jaw begins, then follow that line down and around your cheek. This is where you should apply your bronzer, going heavy handed only in the area closest to the hair line. Drag this out and go back in with a lighter shade to diffuse the area for a more natural finish. You can use whatever brush you feel fit for this, but I currently use a stippling brush.

Step 2: Smile and put a nice golden peach blush color right on the apples of your cheeks using a blush brush.

Step 3: If you are going to do your brows now would be the time! Today I just gently coated them with a tinted mascara from NYX.

Step 4: Finish the entire look with a nice peachy lipstick and a gold lip gloss.

final touches copy

And now the look is complete! Did you end up trying this look? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments below.



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