Dollar Deals: E.L.F. Essential All Over Color Sticks

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Have you ever needed a product that can do more than just one thing? Well you’re in luck! Today I’ll be reviewing the E.L.F. Essential All Over Sticks that work as a 3 in 1 color for your eyes, lips, and or face! I currently own 4 of the shades, but sadly as I have put this post up I realized that E.L.F. had discontinued one of the shades I own. But knowing E.L.F. it could easily be back soon. This 3 in 1 stick costs only $1 and can be found on their website, or in most stores that carry E.L.F. products. Currently I know that most drugstores and major retailers carry E.L.F. cosmetics.

The four shades that I own are Spotlight, Persimmon, Golden Peach (which has been discontinued), and Pink Lemonade. Spotlight is a highlighter shade if used on the face or eyes, while it acts as a shiny top coat if used on the lips. I personally use this product only to highlight my cheekbones since I find it rather unflattering on the lips. Persimmon is a perfectly light shade to compliment your natural blushing tone or to use as a very light nude color on the lips. Golden Peach (which is now discontinued) is a perfect bronze color that works as a bronzy highlight or a beautiful gold on the eye lids. I do not use this product on my lips since it looks pretty odd. Finally we have Pink Lemonade, which is the darkest and most vibrant shade. I usually save this for my blush during the winter time since it is rather dark. I can also use this as a tinted chapstick on my lips if I so choose.

Overall these $1 products work very well an highlights or blushes, with only some of the shades working as lipsticks. All shades could be used on the eyes, but be warned that the product is slight sticky. This product could work wonders as an eyeshadow base. When using on my checks I blend with a stippled brush, but your fingers could work just as well. Since these are readily available in stores I say live a little and purchase all the shades to add to your collection. And with the super small size this is perfect for sticking in your purse if you need a touch up. You never know when you might need them!

Let me know if you own any of the shades! I would love to hear what you think of the product.


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