Manic Monday: Mini Walmart Haul

DSC_0240 copy

Happy Monday everyone, or unhappy Monday to some (this includes myself). I thought I would create a light post today and share with you what I picked up over the weekend when I went to Walmart.

I was mostly there to pick up travel supplies and more bird feed, but ended up walking out with some beauty products I wanted to try out. I had coupons expiring soon as well…which might have added to this last minute decision.

I ended up picking up two nail polishes, one from Rimmel and the other from Maybelline. The Rimmel shade is in White Hot Love and is from the Rita Ora 60-second dry line. I have yet to ever purchase a white nail polish, and I had a coupon so why not give it a go! The original price was $1.50 and I got it for .50c. The Maybelline top coat is a speckle top coat of a nude color, more specifically the shade is 751 Pearl Gem. These retail between $2 and $4. Since it was time to put on my new polish for the week I figured why not upload some pictures! The Rimmel nail polish is wonderful, but you do need two to three coats. In the picture I have three coats on. It does dry very fast which is a total plus. On the other hand the Maybelline top coat was kind of a wash. I’m not sure if it will be flattering on any color since it matches my skin tone almost exactly. With the white color it isn’t doing my nails any favors. But I will always try this again with a different, maybe darker shade later.


Next I picked up a Rimmel gel liner from the Scandaleyes collection in 001 Black Noir. I have yet to test this product but I am sure to get back to you soon. I picked up my shade after some coupons for $3.75. Then after creating my post about chapped lips I realized I needed to try more of the shades from the NYC City Proof lip crayon line. I picked up the shade 011 Brooklyn Brown Stone and have also yet to test it out, though I am sure I will love it. Again these sweet sweet beauties only retail for $2 to $4.


Finally I picked up the wet n wild Coverall Primer which I have been trying to hunt down for ages now. Every time I go to Walmart this is out! I have the Coverall Cream Foundation from wet n wild in 815 Fair and 816 Fair/Light. The primer retails for $3 to $5. I love the cream foundation but do notice the wear on my chin after a few hours and wanted to see if I had their primer if it would make a difference. Be sure to tune in because many many reviews are coming up!

Hope everyone is have a great day!



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