Chapped Lip Solutions: Moisturizing Lipsticks


Are you one of those people that constantly have chapped lips? Always bummed out because your favorite lipstick always looks cakey when your lips are literally falling off? Well fear no more! The solution is here, moisturizing lipsticks.

Since I was a wee baby I have suffered from constantly chapped lips. As I aged this annoying occurrence turned into an actual dilemma, the fact that I have to be very conscious on what kind of lipstick I would wear that day. No one wants to put on a lipstick and find that it reached every crevice, showing every piece of dry lip that there is on your beautiful face. To counteract this problem I went on the search for lipsticks that are moisturizing and glide on like a charm. So for today I have picked four drugstore lipsticks and two high end, just for those who might want some comparisons.

First up I chose the Revlon Lip Butters, which is half lipstick and half tinted lip balm. The colors I currently own and use the most are shades 001 Pink Truffle, 035 Candy Apple, and 015 Tutti Frutti. The Lip Butters glide on and really cover any chapped areas of your lips. Best of all I find that the longer I have them on the softer my chapped areas get. They will hide any of your flaws and not feel drying throughout the day. The only downside is that with all of these products they do not have any real staying power. If you eat or drink anything these suckers will be gone, though do leave a nice tint on your lips. But just reapply the shades and you are good to go. These retail from $6 to $9 depending on where you buy them. I usually buy them from Walmart but know that pharmacies usually have deals along with Ulta that usually has a buy one get one half off sale on drugstore brands.


The first shade 001 Pink Truffle is my go to color when I want just a little bit of something bu001 pink trufflet not too much. It is close to my natural color lips, just more brown. I usually wear this to work season round. It is perfect for going to class to keep your lips happy and still looking fabulous.

The second shade 035 Candy Apple is a brilliant shade of red that works perfectly in the Spring or Su035 candy applemmer. This shade is perfect for day or night, and of course it is hydrating. I love this shade in the Summer since a bright lip is always a must.

015 tutti frutti

The final shade from Revlon is 015 Tutti Frutti which is a bright orange color. This shade is also more appropriate in the Spring or Summer since it is much brighter than the other shades. I love rocking the orange lip since it makes me feel bright and loud, yet with a subtle eye makeup look completely perfect. I love rocking the orange lip since it makes me feel bright and loud, yet with a subtle eye makeup look completely perfect.

The final drugstore lipstick, which isn’t even a lipstick is NYC’s Lip Crayon in 020 Riverside Rose. NYC has the most ridiculous prices for makeup, eye colors and nail polish from $1 plus concealer and foundation for around $3! These crayons completely mask any problem areas and give off a good amount of color. The color Riverside Rose is a dark rose color that complements my lips perfectly.


NYC 020This sucker stays right in my purse at all times. I wear this day and night, to work and to party. It is just the perfect shade. Here’s the kicker, it retails for $2 to $4 depending on where you buy it. I find it is cheapest at Walmart. But again the downside is that is doesn’t have staying power, and this particular product does not give any lip tint after it is removed.

Now onto the high end brands! For this we will start with Clinique’s Chubby Sticks. The current only shade that I own is 07 Super Strawberry that is a reddish berry color that adds that extra umph to any look. Chubby Sticks are a chapped lipped girls dream. They go on so smooth and really do cover any problem areas.


The issue comes with price, which these lovely sticks retail at $17. The price point in a bit steep but the reward is worth it. Unlike the drugstore products, the Clinique Chubby Sticks really do heal the lips. Whenever I wear this I find that my lips do start to go on the mend. Does the product state that this will happen, no, but I find it totally helps my lips. These come in 18 different shades, but the one I have I can wear for anything. I just love these babies.

clinique 07 super strawberry

Finally on to the last brand and my most recent makeup purchase, MAC’s Patent Polish Lip Pencil in the shade Clever. These limited edition lip pencils give off enough color to be considered a lipstick and work pretty decently as a moisturizing lipstick.


The current shade I own is Clever and it is an orange toned rose color than the NYC lip crayon. The price point for these bad boys are $20. I find the moisturizing factor the least out of these 6 lipsticks. What I do love about these lip pencils is that it will cover any flaws and it really does have staying power. Even after drinking it is still there, not as glossy but for the most part still there. And after most of it has worn off the payoff looks as if you are still wearing it. Two thumbs up there! I wear this again mostly for work but can easily wear it for a night look to tone down my face with a harsh eye.

mac clever


So that wraps up my moisturizing lipsticks post! Above are swatches of each product. I would love to hear back from all of you! Do you suffer from chapped lips? What lip products do you find to be the most beneficial? Let me know in the comments below.



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