Beauty on a Budget: E.L.F. Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder


So to kick things off for my very first beauty post I thought why not do a review of one of my go to products, E.L.F.’s contouring blush & bronzing powder sets.

The two that I have fallen in love with are the St. Lucia and the Turks & Caicos palettes. For only $3 on their website whats not to love!

Let’s start off with St. Lucia that has a peachy pink blush and light maple brown bronzer. This palette is amazing for the subtle look since the two give off not much pigmented color. Since I have light olive skin these shades compliment me very well. If you are looking to contour slightly on the cheeks the bronze color from this palette will do the job. For work this is my go to since the environment is not so makeup friendly. These shades do both contain shimmer, with the blush containing much more shimmer than the bronze shade. It isn’t overkill though and you can still pull off a natural look.


On to the Turks & Caicos duo! Although this claims to be a blush and bronzer palette I find the two shades to both be bronzing shades for my skin tone. The lighter of the shades is a golden brown with tons of shimmer, while the darker shade is just a deep mahogany also loaded with shimmer. The dark shade is amazing to completely contour your face. I know that some people find shimmer for contouring as a no-no, but honestly it doesn’t bother me too much. The amount of shimmer isn’t terrible, it really just catches the light. Most of the days I use the lighter shade as my blushing shade and go in lightly with the darker shade. When applying the dark shade be warned, a little bit goes a long way. For myself I gently tap my brush in one time and that is enough for one side of my face.


Overall these two palettes do the job for adding color to my face every single day! And for $3 what a bargain! The first palette doesn’t give off much color but does add nice depth to the overall look of the face and works perfect for a conservative work environment, while the second is best for a dramatic contour look that can transfer from day into night. I have had these palettes for over a year with daily use from one to the other, and still I have barely made a mark in them. Below are the swatches but keep in mind this is the shades in a highly concentrated area, when applied with a light brush the colors are much smoother and even.


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my very first review! Let me know if you too have these palettes or have them in any other shade! I would love to hear what you think of the products.



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